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19th October 2014
Annual Wedding FairHalesworth Church, 11am - 3pm. Come along and plan your wedding day.


2014: The Year Ahead
Dates for your Diary 2014 Blyth Valley events in 2014.More Events

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Blyth Valley EventsDownload the up-to-date edition of all events going on in the Blyth Valley.
Team Times: October 2014Download the 32 page monthly magazine from the Blyth Valley, packed with information, news and events.
Team Services Diary: October 2014Download the separate PDF showing all services across our eleven churches.

Welcoming, Vibrant, Open & Inclusive


Welcome to the Blyth Valley Team Ministry. We’re eleven Church of England parish churches in and around the town of Halesworth in north-east Suffolk. We’re open every day and we’re open in heart too. All are welcome – no conditions, no exceptions.


We are a liberal and inclusive church family – we take you just as you are, just like God does. We don’t ‘tell you how it is’ – rather we go on pilgrimage together. We hope to be defined by our care for one another and for others. Our worship is based mainly around the Eucharist (Holy Communion, Mass) in obedience to Jesus’s command: ‘Do this!’ Our worship is ‘central to catholic’ – worship and beauty are closely related. Come and see!

Monthly Team Message

A New Celtic Service

Team Message


"A new addition to our Team worship is a Celtic style morning service at Holton. For some people, Celtic Christianity is surrounded with romantic notions, but it is in fact a much grounded form of Christianity which displays a gritty realism..." Read More

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Prayer Request

Praying With You

Prayer is lots of things for lots of people, easy for some, slightly embarrassing for others, but above all prayer is your relationship with god, your familiar regular conversation with a close friend and the way we each and every one of us find, express and share our faith.


Pray and you will be heard, ask and it will be answered – not always how you want it to be but it will be!


Use the address below to email your prayer to us.