We are one of the eleven parishes that make up the Blyth Valley Team. The church is the focal point of the village as we have no pub, school, or village hall, but we have three authors and a famous boxer as residents. Thorington is partnered with Bramfield as the Bramfield and Thorington parish council. We are very small in number and would love to see a coach load turn up on the second Sunday of every month when we celebrate parish communion followed by a cup of tea or coffee and a chat to get to know one another better.

If you are a visitor to the area when there is a service being held please join us, we will make you very welcome. We also love small or large children and dogs! We have two regular canine worshippers. Bats have also made the odd appearance at our annual Christmas service! They are residents too.


St Peter's Church, Thorington

Worship at St Peter's

Worship at Thorington ChurchWe are open all the time, 24hours a day. We hope it provides a calm and peaceful space for private worship or prayer at any time.


Services, We have a regular service once a month on the second Sunday ( a Eucharist service at 11.15) which we share with our friends from Bramfield church.

The first Sunday and fifth Sunday we are encouraged as a team to worship at St. Mary’s church in Halesworth with the ten other parishes.


The third Sunday we join our friends at Bramfield and share in the Eucharist service. The fourth Sunday we join with either Wenhaston or Bramfield. Our service at Thorington is Common Worship.