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Let’s go in our imagination to the beginning of the Universe. God says just one Word: ‘Hayah’ in Hebrew – ‘Genetheto’ in Greek – ‘Fiat’ in Latin – ‘Let there be’ in English.

A tiny spot of light appears, much smaller than a pin-head. In the first few milliseconds, it explodes far and wide, bright, wonderful and glorious. The Universe is born. Time begins to roll. Space expands. The upshot of this is that you and I, and every human being, are made of star-dust, and God makes star-dust. God willed time and space into being. He spoke just one Word and it all began to happen.

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Faith Journey: A Personal Reflection

Faith JourneyI was brought up in a traditional Church of England family, grandfather a churchwarden for 40 years, grandmother the queen of the church linen, father the organist – yes and he even played for our Archbishop’s wedding!), mother the first woman churchwarden and deputy head at the church school …so I just accepted the pattern of church without really thinking about it.

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Questions About Faith: FAQ

Questions About Faith

Why do members of the Blyth Valley Team Ministry go to church?

Members of the Blyth Valley Team Ministry go to church for hundreds of different reasons – probably a different one for every single person. Church means different things to different people but most people go because they want to worship together and pray together.

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