Sermons: Midnight Mass - Edward Rennard

Let’s go in our imagination to the beginning of the Universe. God says just one Word: ‘Hayah’ in Hebrew – ‘Genetheto’ in Greek – ‘Fiat’ in Latin – ‘Let there be’ in English. A tiny spot of light appears, much smaller than a pin-head. In the first few milliseconds, it explodes far and wide, bright, wonderful and glorious. The Universe is born. Time begins to roll. Space expands. The upshot of this is that you and I, and every human being, are made of star-dust, and God makes star-dust. God willed time and space into being. He spoke just one Word and it all began to happen. Something like 3.6 to 3.8 billion years later, that Word became a human being in Jesus Christ. Jesus, God’s first Word is

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