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Welcome to the Blyth Valley Team Ministry. We are fifteen Church of England parish churches located in and around the town of Halesworth in north-east Suffolk.

We are open every day and we are open in heart too.

All are welcome – no conditions, no exceptions.

We are a liberal and inclusive church family – we take you just as you are, just like God does. We don’t ‘tell you how it is’ – rather we go on a pilgrimage together. We hope to be defined by our care for one another and for others.

Our worship is based mainly around the Eucharist (Holy Communion, Mass) in obedience to Jesus’s command:

‘Do this!’ Our worship is ‘central to catholic’ –

worship and beauty are closely related. Come and see!

Is Jesus from God?  Read John 9.1-41  Sermon


One of the most depressing things about war is the way which both sides routinely invoke God on their side. People now joke about the First World War, in which British army chaplains were praying to God for victory while a few hundred yards away the German army chaplains were doing the very same thing. Some have suggested that God must have been very puzzled; others that he must have a sense of irony or humour, to cope with it. And, of course, the First World War wasn't the last time the same irony has been seen.

As the war of words between Jesus and the Pharisees heats up in today's Gospel from St John, the issue becomes clear: where is God in all of this? The story is of the healing of the man born blind (John 9.1.41); so, it's about healing, about blindness, about Jesus; but most of all about God.

The Pharisees want to drive a solid wedge between Jesus and God. If anything good has happened, they say, it's God's work alone, and Jesus can have nothing to do with it. The man born blind, no doubt confused and frightened, (his parents have deserted him), insists that the healing is real, "All I know is, I used to be blind but now I can see.' and he insists Jesus is the cause, and hence on the fact that God is indeed at work in and through Jesus. It's a classic case of the difficulty of discovering where God is at work within a controversial event.

The story crackles with irony, as the Pharisees unwittingly say all sorts of things which, claims John, just shows how off-course they are in their understanding of God's plan.

"Give God the glory, they say, meaning, 'If you have been healed, it must have been God's doing alone, and nothing to do with Jesus'. But John wants us to see that the man is giving God the glory by sticking to his story and insisting it was Jesus who healed him. So, God must have been working through Jesus, he insists. No other explanation is possible.

And so, the argument continues. The Pharisees sticking to their own narrow, self-imposed interpretation of the Law and showing how drastically they are out of tune with God's will.

John want us to see. It isn't just the man born blind who can see; it is John's readers, you and I, who are being led towards the light which is Jesus himself. The Story is an encounter with the Lord Jesus, and God working in him.

Being a Christian is often confusing. People may try to interpret your experience for you, to put you in this or that category, to label you. Often this is so they can take you less seriously. What you must do is to stick to what you know. "I used to be blind but now I can see." It might be costly, but paying the cost is better than the still more costly route of denying, what in Jesus, God has truly done for you.


As homework:

Consider the coronavirus and the present situation we are all in:

Where is God and Jesus in the present situation?

Where can he be seen at work in the response of Government, NHS, Social Care, Foodbanks, Supermarkets and Shops, Leisure industry and Manufacturing etc.  


Suggestion: Turn your thoughts into prayer.


All 14 Blyth Valley Churches will remain open spaces throughout the COVID-19  crisis, with a place marked by a lit candle for you to go in and pray or think or make your own act of worship. Please feel free to use church, but please wipe or wash your hands on entering.

Prayers, resources and short acts of worship are available to use and take away with you.

All Services are suspended from 17th March 2020. There will be no services held in any of our churches as acts of public worship.

If anyone needs support, help, spiritual advice or specific prayer, or a conversation with a member of the Ministry Team, email office.bvtm@gmail.com, or phone 07752 275328; or if urgent, ring the Revd Jane 07771 556391. Practical advice and support is available from Halesworth Volunteer Centre, 01986 874290.

Revd Jane Held, Assistant Curate

Blyth Valley Team Ministry

Oak Cottage, The Street, Rumburgh, Suffolk IP19 0JX

Office: 01986 781760.

Mobile: 07771 556391. Home: 01986 781318


All the churches in Blyth Valley are open during the day,
please visit the churches to

take a look at the heritage

of the church,
or to reflect and find a

place of sanctuary. 


St Margaret's, Heveningham with Ubbeston

St Mary's, Huntingfield

St Michael and All Angels, Cookley


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