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St Margaret of Antioch's Church,


Linstead Parva

Suffolk  IP19 0AD


Team Rector: The Revd Dominic Doble

Tel: 01986 948968/07743 554955


Churchwarden: Malcolm Heath

Tel: 01986 785289


The two parishes of Linstead Magna and Linstead Parva (these days simply 'Linstead') are the westernmost parishes of the team. Linstead is a typical non-nuclear Suffolk village, a scattering of about 50 households and 120 souls spread over quite a large area. Paradoxically, the very lack of a physical centre means that we have to work that little bit harder to maintain our 'villagedom'. It means, for instance, that it is nearly always possible to identify newcomers and ensure that they are welcomed. We do this with a welcome-pack which is hand delivered. A (secular) village hall enables us to hold social events both church and non-church based (almost always the same people anyway!). We do good barbecues and the Harvest Supper is legendary. In a nutshell, Linstead is small but beautifully formed.


St Margaret of Antioch, Linstead Parva, is a small chapel, dating from the early 13th Century, at the extreme eastern end of the parish. It is in good order (for a 13C structure) and, a huge plus point, is relatively easy to heat. It also has rather a good acoustic.


  • Occasional offices usually include a Patronal Festival, held at the village hall and followed by a barbecue.

  • On a biennial basis we meet at Church Farm, Linstead Magna and process to the site of St Peter's, our 'lost' church, for an open-air service.

  • A lay elder.

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St Mary's Church, Steeple End, Halesworth IP19 8LL
Telephone: 01986 875941 or 07752 275328.    
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