Halesworth Bell Ringers

From time to time I have mentioned peals and quarter peals, and readers will have gathered that these are pieces of non-stop ringing lasting about three hours and three quarters of an hour respectively. Peals are the hard-core of ringing, physical and mental endurance exercises designed to improve both concentration and physical fitness. Quarter peals are similar, but by definition less daunting, and thus used as a benchmark by many more ringers. We ring quite a few quarters at Halesworth, often before services, such as the one on Christmas Eve before the Christingle service. Ringers are notorious for keeping records, of peals, quarters, and towers visited, and obscure personal footnotes

Introducing Myself

Earlier last year I decided it was time for a new adventure. My eldest Son Julian had recently moved his family to Wissett and having looked around the area, I decided that Halesworth would be a good place to live. Once recovered from a hip operation I put my bungalow on the market and set about the task of moving, which was a challenge in more ways than one, after 42 years in the same place. I have been a Reader in the Norwich diocese for a number of years having lived in a small benefice of three churches, Spixworth Costwick and St. Faiths, which is about six miles north of the city. I have another son, Timothy who lives and works in London. I moved to Park Road in August and shortly aft

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